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On the road...

22. July 2012 07:33

Well guys the time has arrived and we are finally on the road and on our way to meet with you at your various schools around the country side.

Cass has her healthy spiel ready to deliver, Steve has built our web site and is capturing all our information as well as our recipes, Michael has parked his jets for the week and is in gardening mode and I am about to demonstrate one of my favorite dishes, pasta bolognaise.

This program has been literally years in the making with the first of our sessions being organized by Mrs. Kim Denis a wonderful teacher previously from Moree East primary school so we have a lot to thank Kim for. I think that was two years ago and I demonstrated chicken and fresh noodles and Cass visited each class room delivering mainland cheese and tuckers crackers to the students.

Carla and the CAP team have been the best organizers for this trip without them and off course my wife Cass I would be lost as well as unorganized so let’s look forward to a great weeks cooking and learning and I hope to meet as many potential chefs and farmers as I can, see you soon.

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