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Warialda..nice to be in my home town :)

25. July 2012 06:19


We had a wonderful day at Warialda today, I'll let the pictures below tell the story. Thanks Mrs Mack for your gifts of WHS coffe cups ! The team are having coffee as we speak ...




At 3:08pm my phone went ding and I recieved a picture from 3 students in year 10 who were so excited about their herb garden that they had started to fill it already ! Go Girls !


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ANN MACK Australia 27/07/2012 10:13:15 AM #

Hi Team,  

WHS is still buzzing after your visit.  The girls have been passing on their 'Cass Tips' for following a naturally based health and beauty regime and the boys have been bragging about how cool Glenn is.  And of course, you have seen the picture with some of our very keen girls filling in the garden which Michael so generously spent time building for us.  Unfortunately rain yesterday has delayed the completion of this chore but they are determined to forge ahead and make a magnificent herb plot.  
Of course, this wonderful initiative would not be available to our rural students without the wholehearted input of the CAP CHEF team organiser Mrs Saunders with her very capable offsider on this project,  Miss Withers.  This program has given our rural students an insight into different ways people can become successful by being confident and persistent about changing their course in life and redefining  their goals.  
WHS looks forward to keeping in touch with you all and letting you know how much your visit has appealed to and inspired both staff and students.  

carla Australia 27/07/2012 10:08:35 PM #

Thanks for your comment Mrs Mack,we had a wonderful day at Warialda ! Rain will be great for your garden though , we have had a dry winter here.
The whole CAP Chef team is buzzing too , after meeting so many fabulous, friendly and enthusiastic rural students. Glenn and Cass were in awe of the wonderful Kitchen facilities that have been built in our schools and I know they were excited about helping to launch the opening of some of them by being here. I have forwarded on to Cass , Glenn and Michael the Oracle article that Mrs Turner included in the school newsletter as I know they will enjoy reading that.
I also heard a few stories this week from Glenn about the interesting Hero Ingredients that local students have been considering. Looking forward to seeing what the students create Smile

cassandra austin
cassandra austin Australia 30/07/2012 7:15:36 AM #

We feel the same Mrs Mac and was a great group effort, lets hope the powers above keep it going . We were really impressed with how receptive and keen the students were, hope we meet again, cheers cass x


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