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Our Finale Day -in the beautiful countryside of Drake NSW

27. July 2012 00:25

Today was a special day for the CAP Chef team because our finale was in the community of Drake NSW. We all got to explore an area that was new to us. Ms Withers and I had of course met teachers and students from Drake numerous times, but how incredible it was to see the beautiful learning environment that Drake students are so fortunate to share.

This day was made extra special by the fact that Drake and Bellbrook Public Schools had organised an inter-school visit for this event. The princpals of Drake and Bellbrook, Mrs Doward and Mrs Mitchell, created a fantastic learning opportunity for their students with two days of cooking and creating. Look how far Bellbrook travelled to join in the event....

On the Thurday before we arrived, Drake and Bellbrook had a cooking extravaganza in Drakes fabulous Stephanie Alexander Kitchen. The kitchen specialist, Mrs Jeanette Woodward, made Zuchhini and Tomato Muffins & Apple, Rosemary and Egg Pizza with the students, followed by a Burrito lunch. Wow ! What a way to celebrate food, with friends both old and new .

Drake, Bellbrook and Jennings Public Schools made the CAP Chef team feel so welcome with their community input from parents and staff who attended and the friendly, enthusiastic students who greeted us. We were so grateful for the help from the Drake Community and they feature in a photo below. It was also a bonus to be able to include Drake students from Kinder-Year2 in our lunch meal.

Our CAP Chef Day was spectacular, with Cass inspiring us with natural beauty, healthy eating and wellness tips. Mrs Doward even got a facial scrub from the students ( see pic below ) after they tried all the products they made themselves . Glenn was larger than life, sharing his considerble expertise, inspiring life stories and good humour in the kitchen. Our garden guru- Chief Engineer at Qantas, Mr Michael Brown continued to engage the students with hands on gadening tips, real life numeracy examples and lots of fun in the building of the herb garden. 

Enjoy the photos below and we will add some more to the Gallery as schools submitt. Thank you everyone for a day of great food, friends , laughter and most of all....real world learning !







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elena -5/6 ashford
elena -5/6 ashford Australia 7/31/2012 1:52:24 AM #

Thankyou Cass for coming and teaching us about how make carrot flowers and thankyou Glen for showing us how to make food and thankyou every body

cassandra austin
cassandra austin Australia 8/12/2012 11:21:41 AM #

We loved it Elena and look forward to your hero dish xx

glenn Australia 8/13/2012 9:11:27 PM #

Hi Elana did you know if you make lots of carrot flowers, toss them in chopped parsley and place them in a plastic container, then cover them with COLD pre boiled water and then freeze them you can then turn it out onto a plate, place it on your table as a centerpiece


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