“Cooking with CAP “: celebrating fresh, community and regional food. What’s your Hero Ingredient?

Reflecting on our travels and learning

29. July 2012 04:20


This week has been tremendous. I have met so many keen students , dedicated teachers, passionate people and strong communities. I have also eaten a lot of pasta Laughing . This type of project was a first for our CAP Northern Network and we had a ball. Most importantly we could not have done it without the team, the host schools and all who participated.

Thank you to :

<!-· Glenn Austin- His passion for food and young people is real. Glenn shared not only his knowledge of cooking but his experiences as a learner who struggled at school and the stories of his life journey, his ingredients for success and the importance of English and Maths in the real world. As the week went on and facilities changed, Glenn was able to share some cooking with the boys and it was great to witness the fun in the kitchen while the conversations continued. Thank you Glenn for your humour, sponsorship, gifts and sharing.


<!-· Cass Austin-Her gentle and engaging secrets to inner and outer health and natural beauty were shared with our girls. I now have it firmly in my head that often, if it's good for your "inside" then it's usually good for your "outside". I learnt quite a few natural beauty and health tips that I plan to put to daily use. Cass really emphasised the beauty of food and cooking and that we can be creative with fresh produce. Her commitment to being a global ambassador for young women in hospitality and life was obvious. Thank you Cass for all those great lunches!


<!-·  Michael Brown- The Chief Engineer of Qantas. Michael shared so much of his building skill with us and gave us tips on OHS, gardening, using tools and applying maths to everyday life projects. It's hard to believe that he took a week off work just to tour and meet us all. There were lots of willing hands to help him build and many conversations with students. I think nearly every school wanted to poach him! He was a hit everywhere we went. Ms Withers thinks that Michael grew more muscle every day and I think she is right!!


       Special mention to :

  • Steve Driessen from Resort Software who donated the software for our project and built the CAP Cooks site- a huge thanks for that !
  • The awesome Chefs Simon Best and Steve Forester who shared their recipes videos with us - aren't we lucky ? 
  • Toni Withers - My CAP Colleague who helped greatly throughout the tour 
  • The Host Schools of Collarenebri, Moree, Warialda, Ashford and Drake. Thanks for your tremendous facilities, hospitality and coordination help
  •  All School Students, Hospitality Students, Staff, Community and Parents who participated and helped in the CAP Chef 2012 Road Show
  • Moree Services and Inverell RSM Club staff who helped us store food on our trip- your generosity is tremendous


Now the fun of creating begins....


So get cooking everyone and share your Hero Ingredients with us !


See you soon ....Smile


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