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A brand new week but CAP Chef is still on my mind

30. July 2012 02:21

O.K, a couple of requests that I need to deal with first, the ‘Custom Culinary Pastes’ that I used are available from the 'just cooking' website (www.justcooking.com.au) which is also on our sponsors page; knives and pizza cookers are available as well.. The spices from ‘KrioKrush’ (www.kriokrush.com.au) will save your kitchens a fortune so please consider this when next you do your shopping. I have a few more comments on Drake, I thought the school philosophy on food was excellent, I encourage the ‘sip and crunch’ concept for all schools and, even though I am a lover of all things sweet, the fruit and water for morning tea was by far the smartest option. I am off to Sydney this week to work with quail and ducks (well, they won't be doing much, it's mostly me!) and, if any of my young culinary champions out there want some information on these beautiful table birds, let me know and I will get it to you. Have a great week and ”kep kooking”. GA

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